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A Broken World - A MultiFandom Dark Angel RPG
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A Broken World is a multi-fandom rpg set in the Dark Angel timeline.

Plot: The year is 2020 and America is living in a post-apocalyptic time due to an electric pulse set off by a group of terrorists in 2009. And on top of that, there's a war going on between Transgenics and humans. Who's side are you on?
1. Characters from all fandoms are allowed.
2. Post a 2 to 3 paragraph in character audition for your chosen character in the appropriate post.
3. I'd prefer you have a specific rp journal for your character but if necessary your regular lj account will work. Just make sure you have at least one icon for your character.
4. Feel free to pimp out the community.
5. Made ups are allowed. However I'd like to get the canon characters taken first.
6. Keep your characters active. I can't stress this enough. And if for whatever reason you're going to be gone for a set amount of time let me, the mod, now.
7. No oneliners! I know sometimes it's hard to come up with a full paragraph but try your best.
8. Have fun!
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